Food Drive at Kroger

Edgewood Middle School is once again holding its annual food drive. This has
been an ongoing tradition for many many years. Every year, they restock the shelves of
Combined Community Services and Our Father’s House food banks before the holidays. In
addition, they assemble family boxes that include everything from laundry detergent to milk
to toothpaste, and everything in between. 

The family boxes are filled with food for the entire family, but especially for those kids who are home during the day alone while their parents are gone. These items include instant oatmeal, soup, peanut butter and jelly, and ramen noodles just to name a few. Edgewood has provided hundreds of family boxes to families of WCS students and employees over the years. 

They also collect monetary donations to purchase items for the family boxes and to donate to the food banks so they are able to purchase the items they are still needing to fill their shelves. Last year, Edgewood was able to donate thousands of items and $2,000 each to Combined Community Services and Our Father’s House, as well as The Beaman Home received items to help stock their kitchen.

Edgewood has been blessed to partner with Kerlin Bus Sales and a private donor for the past
few years to help make these donations possible.

The Edgewood Food Drive exemplifies the Warsaw Community Schools' mission statement
to inspire our students to enrich the lives of others. Many of the other departments of Warsaw
Community Schools also help out. Transportation helps with making deliveries and picking
up perishables from the store, Maintenance picks up, delivers, and unloads bulk nonperishables, and the Administration office collects items to donate to the cause.

Edgewood has also partnered with Kroger over the years. Without Kroger and its caring customers, Edgewood wouldn’t be able to help nearly as many people. Kroger's stores allow students and faculty members to collect donations from their customers. 

This is a great learning experience for students who not only learn what a caring, giving community we live in, but they learn how great it feels to give back; they also learn that giving of their time is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than giving items and money. The entire school gets involved in one way or another. 

Many bring in items from home or by asking their neighbors, but many aren’t able to do that, so they help at school by sorting the items, assembling family boxes, moving the items to the various storage areas, loading the trucks, etc. It truly is a school-wide effort!

If you would like to help us meet our goals this year, we will be at Krogers on Center Street on

  • Saturday, December 10, and Saturday, December 17 from 11 am - 3 pm each day. 

Donations are accepted at Edgewood (900 S. Union St.) during the week from 7:30 am - 3:30

pm until December 19. 

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