About wcs

95.7% Graduation Rate

As recognized by the Indiana Department of Education for the class of 2020. 470 Diplomas & 19 Certificates of Completion. 12 % Cum Laude, 3.75 GPA. 13 Lilly Scholars Since 2010.

AP and Dual Credit

WCS saves the community over $3.5 million in tuition on a yearly basis by offering AP and dual credit. More than 115 dual credit and AP courses are offered at the high school and career center. 11 Certificates of Multilingual Proficiency.

Academic, Athletic, and Arts Clubs

Students enjoy access to hundreds of academic, athletic, extracurricular & performing arts clubs & enrichment opportunities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

1:1 iPad Program provides access to technology at all grade levels. 4 State Certified Stem Schools with fully equipped STEM labs.

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