Firefighters for a  Day

Washington STEM Academy students Audrey Greene, grade 6, and Holden Owens, grade 5, had a day to remember when three Warsaw-Wayne Territory firefighters pulled up in their firetruck to pick them both up to be Firefighters for a Day. Holden's grandfather was there to capture this special moment and shared how Holden had his heart set on being chosen for this incredible opportunity.

Holden's excitement was evident as he explained, "I won the fire safety competition so I get to be a firefighter for a day. I made a video of the details for kids to learn fire safety. I talked about how to check out smoke alarms and make an evacuation plan." Audrey added, "I wrote an essay about what it means to be a firefighter." 

Audrey's mom thanked Lucas Ellsworth, Jason Neher, and Miles Waters for offering such a wonderful program and shared that her son Isaac also had the privilege of being part of this a few years ago. Audrey and Holden climbed into the firetruck and headed out to the station where they'll have the choice of lunch cooked by the firefighters or from their favorite restaurant. 

Washington STEM Academy would like to thank local firefighters for coming to the school to teach fire safety and offer students an opportunity to participate in their Firefighter for A Day Program. 

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