Floatation Device EMS

Video Link: Designing the Flotation Device for Addy

Video Link: Presenting & Receiving Feedback from Addy

Under the leadership of Abbi Richcreek, Engineering/Technology and PLTW Instructor, Edgewood Middle School students recently came together to embrace the WCS A Year of Kindness theme through a partnership project that benefits Eisenhower student Addy Hausmann while offering a mentorship program with Gregory Sebastian and Mario Ferrazzuolo, principal engineers at Medtronic. 

Sebastian and Ferrazzuolo both serve as chairs at Medtronic's Hispanic-Latino Network. One of the missions of the network is to provide community support where they can. 

Warsaw Community Schools would like to thank all involved for their dedication to "All Means All."

Medtronic Engineers Team With Edgewood Middle Schoolers To Design Flotation Device

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