Jefferson makerspace

Recently Via Credit Union donated 2,000 dollars to Jefferson STEM Elementary to provide equipment, materials, and training for the new MakerSpace at Jefferson.  The concept to create a MakerSpace at Jefferson was championed by several teachers at Jefferson including Evan Overman, Jennifer Long, Sandy McClellan, Lauren Harbison, Daniel Scott, and Jennifer McCammon.  Several teachers pursued a MakerSpace training program where they learned to develop ideas and curriculum for a new MakerSpace.  

Via Credit Union has been an instrumental partner for Jefferson STEM over the past few years providing donations, equipment, and education to support STEM education.  We couldn’t be more proud of the work we are able to do together.  Students have benefited from these incredible resources by having additional access to hands-on learning.  

 Michelle Petersen,  VP Marketing at ViaCU explained, "ViaCU understands the importance of education and appreciates how the teachers and administration at Jefferson Elementary makes hands-on learning a priority for the students.  We are happy to make the concept of MakerSpace come to life for the teacher and students this year and for many years to come."

Additional donations have come in to support the MakerSpace including a large donation of goods from Spoonful of Imagination and large quantities of recyclable materials from the community.  The creation of a MakerSpace at Jefferson STEM has been a true community effort.  Warsaw Community Schools would like to thank ViaCU and the entire community for their continued support of education that enriches the lives of our students. 

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