WEF Honor an Educator

The Warsaw Education Foundation recently recognized 26 Warsaw teachers and staff members with an Honor an Educator Award. Community members, students, parents, family, and friends may nominate any Warsaw Educator or Staff Member for an award. The Warsaw Education Foundation holds a spring and fall Honor an Educator fundraiser. Honor an Educator with a fall award today (details below)!

Congratulations to these educators for your recent nomination by community members, parents, and students:

  1. LeeAnn Miner, Edgewood Middle School
  2. Nicole Landon, Edgewood Middle School
  3. Kyla Kohler, Jefferson Elementary
  4. Nicki Reeder, Jefferson Elementary
  5. Angela Luecke, Jefferson Elementary
  6. Becky Wilson, Jefferson Elementary
  7. Jessica Luchenbill, Jefferson Elementary
  8. Jessica Williams, Lakeview Middle School
  9. Ray Davis, Lakeview Middle School
  10. Sarah Wiggins, Leesburg Elementary
  11. Joel Duran, Leesburg Elementary
  12. Taylor Binkerd, Leesburg Elementary
  13. Lindsey Wallen, Leesburg Elementary
  14. Cindy Coppes, Lincoln Elementary
  15. Amanda Shepherd, Madison Elementary
  16. Renee Parker, Madison Elementary
  17. Marc Huffer, WCHS
  18. Sarah McCreery, WCHS
  19. Emily Gough, WCHS
  20. Jennifer Burley, WCHS
  21. Chad Gabrich, WCHS
  22. Charles Wiebe, WCHS
  23. Erin Smeltzer, WCHS
  24. Ashley Hohman, WCHS
  25. Valerie Hutton, Washington Elementary
  26. Summer Voss, Washington Elementary

All proceeds from the fundraiser are used to support Warsaw Education Foundation initiatives. Founded in 1987, the Warsaw Education Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to teachers in Warsaw Community Schools through the Red Apple Grant Program.  Warsaw Education Foundation strongly believes that investing in academic excellence today will return excellent leadership tomorrow! The WEF is a 501c3 organization and donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible. 

Nominate an educator for a fall Honor an Educator recognition by completing this online form: https://forms.gle/LssNUwpjLxE8...

And donate via PayPal at:   paypal.me/warsawedfoundation

Donations may also be sent to P.O. Box 1343, Warsaw, Indiana 46581-1343

Contact Erin Serafino, Executive Director, at edfoundation@warsawschools.org with any questions.

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