Warsaw Girls Basketball Summer Camps

Finishing School, (Grades 5-8), June 20-22, TRAC, (Door 14), Grades 5-8, 2:00-4:00 pm

Great players are not just great shooters, they are great scorers. They can create scoring opportunities for themselves and others. They can also finish around the rim. Campers will learn moves such as first foot finishes, stride stops, pro hops, bounds and outside-inside finishes. Each move will be broken down and explained in detail for campers to easily understand. This camp is a must for anyone wanting to be a consistent scorer in high school and beyond.

Fundamental Camp, (Grades 1-8), June 27 -July 1, TRAC, (Door 14)

Grades 1-3
2:00-3:00 pm
Grades 4-6
3:30-5:00 pm
Grades 7-8
Basketball is the quick and proper execution of fundamentals, therefore, every player should be working to improve their basic fundamentals of the game. During this camp, the fundamentals will be broken down and taught in a way that all players can understand them. Ball handling, passing and footwork are among the skills campers will learn. In addition, awards will be given for various competitions.

Shooting Camp, (Grades 5-8)
July 12-14
TRAC, (Door 14)
Grades 5-8
Every coach loves a great shooter. Shooting is not only one of the most important skills in the game of basketball, it is also the one skill players enjoy most. Campers will learn the fundamentals it takes to be a great shooter. Proper footwork, release point and follow through are among the basics that will be taught. Advanced shooters will learn to shoot off the move, as well as off the dribble. 

▢ Fundamental Camp (Grades 1-3) $30.00
▢ Fundamental Camp (Grades 4-6) $50.00
▢ Middle School Team Camp (Grades 7-8) $60.00
▢ Shooting Camp (Grade 5-8) $50.00
▢ Finishing School (Grades 5-8) $50.00
**Special Combo Camp Price - Attend the Shooting Camp and Finishing School for a discounted price.
▢ Shooting Camp/Finishing School (Grades 5-8) $80.00 

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