Tiger Tuesday Library Services

Video Tribute

WCHS/WACC: Barbara Beck & Deb Sapper

Edgewood Middle School: Susan Eberhardt

Lakeview Middle School & Gateway: Becky Denzer & Judy Timmons

Claypool Elementary: Amy Smith

Eisenhower Elementary: Trishelle Burchett 

Harrison Elementary: Jeanne Conley     

Jefferson Elementary: Donna Propp

Leesburg Elementary: Connie Watters   

Lincoln Elementary: Polly Biltz

Madison Elementary:  Jenae Kreft 

Washington Stem Academy:  Fabiola Nunez

WCS would like to share our appreciation for our incredible Library Service Team. Thank you to our building Media Specialists/Librarians, Digital Learning Specialists (DLS), Support & Technical Staff, and Library Administration. Our schools are filled with beautiful books hand-picked by our librarians/DLS to offer rich literary experiences. 

  • Don't take my word for it...Here are a few quotes captured from some of our awesome colleagues on the Library Services Team!!



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