Introducing or new mascot! #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #GoTgers!
about 3 hours ago, Amanda Scroggs
Thankful for Warsaw Community Public Library! Did you know all students can get a free library card? Just got these from WCPL for a student working on his National History Day (NHD) project. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #Community #Partners #NHD
about 4 hours ago, Amanda Scroggs
In a last-ditch effort to defeat the WACCY welding and machining classes, Lakeview students brought in negative 6,341 points and slammed their cup full of change! Unfortunately, that was like a drop in the Jar Wars ocean. The WACCY classes overcame that deficit to convincingly win the Jar Wars battle. They ended the week with 21,543 points. The next closest challenger was Boggs. Her class counted the money BUT they were honest about their total of 4,439 points. The WACCY classes had collected 27,970 negative points to throw around, and they were biding their time to bomb the next closest leader. That should have been Boggs, but another teacher got mouthy. This person challenged the WACCY classes, talked smack, and is now feeling the burn. Mr. Brumbaugh is new to Lakeview, so he's still learning how things work. His total.. at the end of the war... was negative 25,555 points. Out of pity, the WACCY classes will be awarding them a donut party as the biggest loser of the Jar Wars in the history of Lakeview Middle School. The welding and machine classes created an amazing trophy that is on display in Mrs. Boggs's class. Stop by to see it before it makes its way to its rightful place in the WACC. In the end, the families we adopted are the big winners. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #AdoptaFamily #WACC #JarWars #Christmas 2023 VIDEO LINK:
4 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
Jar Wars
Lakeview Middle School students are learning and practicing swim strokes/skills over the next few weeks! Students are showing incredible effort (and lots of growth). Quote from a 7th grade student: “Swim week is why I know how to swim!” Swim week is awesome exercise, but it really can be life changing for our students. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #Swim #SaveaLife MrBrumbaugh
5 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
🌊 Dive Into Fun with WCHS Open Swim! 🌊 🗓️ December Swim Times (schedule may vary):Mondays & Wednesdays: 7:15-9 PM #WCHSOpenSwim #WCSmission
5 days ago, Amanda Waddle
Dec Pool
Lakeview has adopted three families for Christmas this year. To raise money we are having a Jar War during the lunch shifts this week. Each homeroom has a plastic cup with their teacher's name on it. To add positive points to a team, students place paper money into their cup. One dollar is worth 100 positive points, a five dollar bill is worth 500 positive points, and so on. To sabotage another homeroom, students can add silver change to their cup. A quarter is worth 25 negative points, a dime is worth 10 negative points, and so on. Even our WACC partners, the WACCY Welders, have joined in the fun to give big. The winning homeroom will receive a donut party. Various teachers have pledged to match up to a combined $900 so far. Last year, Lakeview students and staff raised $1500 in total, so we are excited to see how this year will turn out. Announcement updates are made each day so students can strategically plan their giving. The contest ends on Friday at 12:30, the end of B lunch shift. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #Community #Christmas #Families #AdoptaFamily
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Penny Wars
Students in Mr. Weaver’s Design and Modeling course have been working hard to learn about engineering sketches, and these students completed their work. They were given another challenge: create a launcher to propel the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) back into space! #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #PLTW #STEM #MrWeaver
8 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
Thank you, Rachel Doyle! As a college sophomore and former Lakeview student with NHD State & National Champion status, your time and talents are greatly appreciated. Your recent visit to the Lakeview library to speak to current NHD hopefuls was inspiring and informative. Your willingness to share your experiences and insights will undoubtedly help aspiring students achieve their goals. Thank you again for being a role model and a valuable resource to the NHD community at Lakeview. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #NHD #NHDIndiana #MrsScroggs #RachelDoyle
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Rachel Doyle
Mr. Weaver's Automation & Robotics class received a demonstration of the advanced NAO robot today. The NAO has multiple cameras for facial and object detection, an internal gyroscope, and many limb sensors to help it balance, walk, and dance. They also learned about the pre-programmed subroutines that NAO executes when he feels like he is falling (by watching him fall!) Advanced students, who finish their programming challenges early, have the opportunity to program the NAO as well as a Dobot Magician automatic arm, both provided through grant funding (Thank you Dekko and Warsaw Education Foundation!) Automation & Robotics is a 9-week elective available to all Lakeview 7th and 8th graders. See Mr. Weaver or Mrs. Day with any scheduling questions for next year! #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #Robotics #ProgramChallenge #MrWeaver
14 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
Happy Thanksgiving, Lakeview Middle School! 🦃🍁🍂 We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season with loved ones and lots of delicious food. Today we are grateful for our wonderful students, dedicated staff, and supportive community. Wishing you all a day filled with warmth, joy, and gratitude. #HappyThanksgiving #LakeviewMiddleSchool #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview
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Happy Thanksgiving
Highlights from Mr. Weaver's PLTW Automation & Robotics class. Using diagrams, teams built the square base bot, and then exercised their creativity in building attack and defense structures. Watch the Video: #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #Robotics #PLTW
15 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
Today, students became the “Ionic Doctor”! In Mrs. Hostetler’s science class, students are learning about ions, which are atoms that have charge. For a real life application, students read about how different ions work in the body and affect human health. The students were given a patient profile and tasked with diagnosing their patient with an ion deficiency. Did they find the cure?! #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview
18 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
November 17th, 2023: Substitute Appreciation Day #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview
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Hiring Subs
REMINDER: Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, November 16th, 2023. These conferences will be held in classrooms. Conferences will be held from 3:30-6:25 p.m. Enter through trophy hallway doors #11. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview
19 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
7th and 8th grade students are invited to audition for the High School Spring Musical: Matilda! Rehearsals are from 3:30-5:30pm, students would need their own transportation to and from rehearsals. Auditions are Dec 4-8. Follow the link for more information! Students can sign up for an audition time here: #experienceWCS #WCSMission
20 days ago, Lori Owens
Students are making decorations for Lakeview Library. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #MakerClub
26 days ago, Amanda Scroggs
Candy Cane
Just a reminder that tonight is our fundraiser at Texas Road House. Lakeview will receive 10% of each check if you let them know you are with Lakeview.
28 days ago, Michele White: Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Today, Edgewood and Lakeview came together to celebrate Veteran's Day and honor those who have served our country. It was inspiring to see so many people come out to show their gratitude and support. Huge thanks to everyone who organized, performed, shared, and attended this wonderful event. Let us always remember and appreciate the sacrifices our veterans have made for our freedom. As John F. Kennedy once said, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." #veteransday #gratitude #freedom #thankyouveterans #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLakeview #ExperienceEdgewood Video Link:
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Winter Guard Spin Clinic Saturday, November 11 at Edgewood Middle School Gym 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. Please contact Wendy Bussard-Color Guard/Winter Guard Director at with questions.
28 days ago, Lori Owens
Winter Guard Spin Clinic
The Warsaw Middle School Band, Choir, and Orchestra Departments will present their Veterans Day Program on Tuesday, November 7 at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM in the Lakeview Middle School Gymnasium. The program will feature the Edgewood and Lakeview Middle School Band, Choir, and Orchestra. The Band is under the direction of Joseph Peloza, Choir is under the direction of Jennifer Cooksey, and the Orchestra is under the direction of Angela Dieleman. The programs are free of charge and the public is invited to attend. The Middle School Band, Choir and Orchestra would like to cordially invite all veterans and their families to attend these programs in their honor.
28 days ago, Lori Owens
MS Veterans Day Concert