The counselor may refer students to specialists in the school system or in private and public agencies. Since counselors are not trained psychologists or psychiatrists, making referrals is a part of their work activity. Students are urged to make their needs and concerns known to their counselors and are encouraged to call upon the counselor for assistance when problems arise. Parents are urged to contact the counselor whether or not there is an immediate concern in order to keep up-to-date on their student’s progress.



To check eligibility and enroll, please go to https://learnmoreindiana.org/scholars/enroll/


Counseling is a student-counselor relationship in which the student has the freedom to express his/her ideas and feelings. The student is encouraged to seek information and examine alternative courses of action. Counseling seeks to help the student assume responsibility for making plans and decisions. Other services provided by the school counselor include future educational planning, conflict resolution between peers, and time-manage and organizational help.

Student Appraisal

The counselor gathers and organizes information about students from grades, standardized tests, information forms, and conferences with parents, teachers, and students. The guidance counselor interprets this information to the student and his/ her parents to help the student deal with needs and problems that may arise. 

Congratulations to Junior Achievement (JA) on their ribbon cutting for their new program at Lakeview Middle School. Over the next five weeks, students will be learning about financial literacy courtesy of Junior Achievement and Lake City Bank.

Lake City Bank will be sending volunteers into Lakeview to lead all of the school’s approximately 265 seventh graders in the JA curriculum. It has been over 10 years since JA programs were last offered at Lakeview.

J A Lakeview