Estevon (2nd Grade) saw an opportunity to demonstrate Habit #1, being proactive. Coats and hats were getting mixed between grade levels which ended up cutting into recess time. He came up with a solution to have classroom signs for the cafeteria. Excellent job, Estevon, for being a Lion Leader! 🦁💙 #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLN #LincolnLeaders
5 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
🌊 Dive Into Fun with WCHS Open Swim! 🌊 🗓️ December Swim Times (schedule may vary):Mondays & Wednesdays: 7:15-9 PM #WCHSOpenSwim #WCSmission
5 days ago, Amanda Waddle
Dec Pool
One of Lincoln's favorite fall traditions, Thanksgiving Day Balloon Parade! 3rd Grade worked on their floats and marched around the building. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLN
14 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
It's National Substitute Teacher Day and we are so thankful for all the extra hands and support it takes to keep Lincoln running while teachers are away! We cannot do it without you. Some honorable mentions that have helped in recent weeks: Monica Boren, Kate Hoffman, Tania Smith, Diane Beverly, Teresa Rickcreek, and Jared Hood. However, these are just a few of many that are seen throughout the building. Thank you all so much! Scan the QR code if you like to join our team. #ExperienceWCS #ExperienceLN
18 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
Our 5th/6th Grade Leaders came and presented their knowledge of the Garden Tower and a healthy, balanced diet to the Kindergarteners! After presenting, our 5th/6th Grade Leaders harvested their crops from the Garden Tower and made delicious salads. This experience was a perfect example of what Lincoln Leaders are all about! The 5th/6th Grade Leaders did such a fantastic job at making learning engaging and authentic. While our kindergarteners were great audience members and respectful! #ExperienceWCS #LincolnLeaders
19 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
Mrs. Gardner's 5/6th GT class for the past 6 weeks has been planting, growing, and maintaining veggies in their Hydroponics Garden Tower! While their labor of love was growing, they were working on presentations to teach our Lil'Lion Kindergarteners about plant life cycles, how the Garden Tower works, and balanced diets. Mrs. Gardner would like to send a MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Mr. Koontz for all his work and the help he poured into her students through this learning opportunity! #ExperienceWCS #LincolnLeaders
20 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
Come join our team and impact the lives of kids! We'd love to make you a part of our team!
21 days ago, Lincoln Principal
No need to cook tonight. Go grab dinner at Arby's and give back to Lincoln!
21 days ago, Lincoln Principal
GIve Back
The Lions celebrated our servicemen and women today in the Veteran's Day program with songs and many gratitudes. A big THANK YOU to our military men and women for all that you have sacrificed for us! A few wise words from one of our local servicemen to live by, "Do your homework, work hard and stay out of trouble and you will do great things!" 💙🦁❤️ #ExperienceWCS #LincolnLeaders
25 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
student body
Come join the fun tomorrow night....$1.00/Card and fun for the whole family!
26 days ago, Lincoln Principal
Veteran family members of our Lincoln Lions....Come join us Friday as we honor YOU and your service!
27 days ago, Lincoln Principal
Veterans Day
Lincoln teachers, Miss. Reed (6th Grade) and Mrs. Cavanaugh (Kindergarten), were leading the charge of Peer to Peer training. This is a great collaboration and reflective strategy that WCS provides teachers to learn and grow from one another! #ExperienceWCS #LionLeaders
27 days ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
5th Grade
Come join us on Friday morning for the annual honoring of our Lincoln family Veterans!
29 days ago, Lincoln Principal
Veterans Day
Thank you Warsaw families for affording our teachers learning time today. We appreciate having time to level up our support to our students!
about 1 month ago, Lincoln Principal
Over the next several weeks, we will be placing a spotlight on our amazing teacher teams here at Lincoln. First up...our fabulous 6th Grade team! Lindsay Blocher (left): 23 years of service. Why 6th Grade? "Sixth grade is such a time of personal and individual growth for our students. I love to see them taking on leadership roles in the school and preparing for middle school. I love giving them a safe space to learn and navigate their sixth-grade year." Fun Fact: "I am a huge Swiftie and enjoy attending concerts and staying up-to-date on all things Taylor Swift." Maria Hutchinson (middle): 26 years of service! Why 6th Grade? "Sixth grade is a huge transition year; it’s the last year of elementary before middle school, and students grow so much this year. Preparing them for what they will be heading into is an important part of my job. I want them to be ready academically, of course, and I want them to believe in themselves to realize they can do hard things…on their own." Fun Fact: "I held the Missouri state track and field record for 100-meter hurdles for 8 years." Kelly Reed (right): 8 years of service! Why 6th Grade? "Sixth grade is so special because it is our students’ last year in elementary school! I love creating memorable moments with the students so they never forget their time at Lincoln!" Fun Fact: "I am a huge Marvel fan! I have seen all of the movies and TV shows… most multiple times! You can always catch me at the movie theater on opening nights of any MCU movie."
about 1 month ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
6th Grade
Teachers rockin' their costumes to embrace the fall festivities! Be safe, Lions while trick or treating. If you have a chance, stop by Lincoln for a treat. #ExperienceWCS #LincolnLions
about 1 month ago, Catherine Cavanaugh
Join us TONIGHT for our Trick-or-Reading event from 4:30-6PM
about 1 month ago, Lincoln Principal
Book Fair
It is going to be a "SPOOK"tacular week as we kick off Book Fair and our Trick-or-Reading event!
about 1 month ago, Lincoln Principal
book fair
For the month of November, Lions will be working hard on Habit #3: Put First Things First. This is the habit of personal management and helps us to prioritize what needs to be done first in our day!
about 1 month ago, Lincoln Principal
Habit #3
Come join us this week for Lincoln's "Spook"tacular Book Fair!
about 1 month ago, Lincoln Principal
Book Fair