Edgewood's orchestra students took a break to pose for a group picture. They are looking forward to incoming 7th graders joining them next school year! #ExperienceWCS
about 8 hours ago, Edgewood Middle School
Mr. Mozingo put his creative talents to use and designed a putt-putt golf course with materials in the PE area! #ExperienceWCS
4 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Students in Miss Zvers' history classes are learning about former President Andrew Jackson and his life. #ExperienceWCS
4 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
It's time to order your 2023-2024 Edgewood yearbook! The 44 page full color book, designed by Edgewood students, is only $13. Order through Blosser's Studio at https://blossers.wufoo.com/forms/edgewood-20232024-yearbook-order/
6 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Exploring German students had a chance to create models of some famous monuments found in or related to German history. Some serious talent was displayed in both physical and Minecraft builds of their models! #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
German monument1
German Monument2
German Monument3
German Monument4
German Monument5
Our Geometry students made hearts out of out of special right triangles using the 30-60-90 Special Right Triangle Theorem and the 35-45-90 Special Right Triangle Theorem! It was fun! #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
math heart1
math heart2
math heart3
math heart4
Students worked in groups to draw and calculate the perfect amount of crust on their “pizzas”. They explored area and circumference of circles and talked about why circular pizzas come in square boxes! #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
DNA art project update: Students are finished adding plaster gauze to their DNA projects. They are now starting to create their visual icons to represent their characteristics. #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
8th grade literature students participated in a gallery walk of their visual poems. Students walked around to different groupings of poems, scanned the QR codes, and rated and votes on the best poem in each group. #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
The PE department is took the year-long PE classes ice skating at the Miller Sunset Pavilion! Students are getting a chance to try it out for the first time or show off their skills in this unique experience. What a great opportunity we have in our community! #ExperienceWCS
7 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
GoBabyGo! had its 2nd work session. Professional engineers and EMS students are collaborating on the designs and making the modifications to make the perfect match for their toddler. #edgewoodSTEM #experienceWCS
11 days ago, Abbi Richcreek
CO2 Laser working on a personalized license plate
Team Luca: is continuing to plan on modifying the Jeep
Planning is so important when customizing a design for someone else
Students are working hard
Students and mentors are collaborating on materials and designs
Students are working hard
There are many items to customize
Medical Detective students are identifying and labeling parts of a sheep brain. The students compared how the human brain is different from the sheep. #edgewoodSTEM #experienceWCS
11 days ago, Abbi Richcreek
Medical Detective students are excited about dissecting a sheep brain
Students are dissecting a sheep brain
Students are identifying the parts of the brain
Miss Zver's classes made a valentine's day video to share! Here's the link: https://youtube.com/shorts/RMpdskQkULQ #ExperienceWCS
11 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Dissection time! Students in Mrs. Richcreek's class dissected pig brains to learn different areas of the brain and their functions. @ExperienceWCS #EdgewoodSTEM
11 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
The 8th grade Introduction to Agriculture class has worked hard to understand the different pig breeds, the functions of a pig's internal anatomy, and learning where their favorite cuts of meat come from. Last week, they dissected piglets donated by a local farm and determined the cause of their death. This week, they put everything they've learned so far into a hands-on project! After learning about the financial side of the swine industry, students were given their very own piggy bank. On one side of the piggy bank, students painted a pig breed they learned about in class. On the other side, they painted a diagram of their choice: internal anatomy or different meat cuts. #ExperienceWCS
11 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
piggy bank
"London Stage" visited Mrs. Helser's classes to lead a workshop on Shakespeare. Who knew Shakespeare could be so much fun! Here's a video link https://youtube.com/shorts/4sx9ng5ARVg?feature=share #ExperienceWCS
13 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
During Literature class, Mrs. Brenner’s students participated in a Readers’ Theater activity to learn about different character perspectives. #ExperienceWCS
13 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Students are continuing to build their armatures for their DNA project. The students will begin to add on their plaster gauze this week! #ExperienceWCS
13 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Math students in Ms. Miller's class are diligently working on slope and rate of change. #ExperienceWCS
14 days ago, Edgewood Middle School
Students in Mr. Wysong's math class had a guest teacher from Grace College! Students learned to find the area and circumference of circles today. Then, they worked in partners to solve the mystery message by solving more circle problems! Lesson taught by Miss Bayert from Grace College. #ExperienceWCS
14 days ago, Edgewood Middle School