Mrs. Monce's October Challenge has been "Sit Ups for One Minute." By the end of the month, how many sit ups can you do? It's not too late to begin this challenge as a family!
2 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Did you know that you can easily enroll your Kroger card at our local Kroger (formerly Owen's) store and earn money for our school every time you swipe your card? We receive about $500 every quarter from this, and all you have to do is enroll your Kroger Rewards Card! Simply visit Once logged into your Kroger account, search for JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL either by name or TN349 and then click "Enroll." New users will need to create an account, which requires some basic information, a valid email address, and a Rewards Card. ANYONE in the community is also welcome to support Jefferson by way of linking your Kroger Rewards Card to our school! Thank you for helping our school in this practical, no-extra-cost-to-you way! Your support matters!
2 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Today is FRIDAY, October 15, 2021. Lunch: Beefy Nachos or Yogurt Meal, steamed corn, lettuce and cheese, fruit slushie, graham crackers, and milk. Activities: ALICE Drill at 10:30; 2nd grade field trip has been canceled and rescheduled for the 25th; Boys Basketball tryouts after school.
2 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Students learning about water and wind erosion through hands on learning.
2 days ago, Josh Wall
Community Pool News: Please note, the pool will be closed during Fall Break: (Oct 20, 21, 22) LINK:
3 days ago, WCS District
Community Pool Calendar
Today is Thursday, October 14, 2021. Lunch: Pizza Rippers are not available today, so they will sub with normal pizza or Turkey Sandwich, broccoli with cheese, cherry tomatoes, choice of fruit, and milk.
3 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Students in Kindergarten learned about plants and started their indoor tower gardens. Lettuce is on the menu!
4 days ago, Josh Wall
tower garden
Today is Wednesday, October 13, 2021 — Two-Hour Delay. Lunch: Hot Dog with mac and cheese or Yogurt Meal, Cool Tropics veggie juice, baked beans, sliced red apples, and milk. Activities: 5th Grade to Cherry Creek, 1:30-3:30; FLL after school until 5:15.
4 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Grade 3 students learning about cattails, tracks & scat, and wetland soils… 👀 Thank you to Darci Zolman and the Soil & Water Conservation District as well as Chuck Harvuot, local Indiana Master Naturalist.
5 days ago, Daniel Scott
Grade 3 students from Jefferson STEM Elementary learning about cattails, tracks & scat, and wetland soils...
Grade 3 students from Jefferson STEM Elementary learning about cattails, tracks & scat, and wetland soils…
Wetland soils
Today is Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Lunch: Calzones or ham and cheese sliders, green beans, fresh veggie mix, choice of fruit, Rice Crispies treat, and milk Activities: McMillen for 5th Grade; Spartan Shuffle winners Pizza Party at 12:00; 3rd Grade to Pike Lake (weather permitting); FLL after school until 5:15
5 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
You never know what a Spartan day will look like! Mr. Scott tried on some 1st grade waders and 5th grade learned about the water cycle. Beautiful day for outdoor education!
6 days ago, Josh Wall
Today is Monday, October 11, 2021 — Late-Arrival Monday. Lunch: Street Tacos with a blueberry muffin or Yogurt Meal, Paradise Veggie Juice, vegetable blend, choice of fruit, and milk Activities: Spartan Singers
6 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Another great day for Stream studies with 6th grade. Thanks to Mr. Scott, Darci Zolman and our Legrand partners!
9 days ago, Josh Wall
Today is Friday, October 8, 2021. Lunch: Chicken with blueberry muffin or Yogurt Meal, fresh broccoli, baked beans, fruit slushie, and milk. Activities: Zoomobile for K, 9:15-1:30pm; 6th Grade swimming a.m., then 6th Grade to Cherry Creek in the afternoon.
9 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
A great day for outdoor education! Thank you to Mr. Scott, Darci Zolman, and our partner volunteers from Da-Lite/Legrand for a great day.
10 days ago, Josh Wall
Today is Thursday, October 7, 2021. Lunch: Pizza or Turkey Sandwich, steamed corn, broccoli with cheese, cherry tomatoes, choice of fruit, and milk. Activities: 6th Grade swimming; Final Soccer Practice after school until 5:15, rain or shine.
10 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
INFO about SCHOOL PHOTOS: "Parents are welcome to pre-order without viewing the image. If they do not wish to order prior to seeing the image, they may wait until the shipment of picture packages arrives. In this shipment will be a sample for any family who has not purchased at that time. It will include a small sample of the picture and a unique order code for each student so that the families can view it on our website. Additionally, every student who purchased a picture package will receive their unique order code as well that will allow the families to place any additional orders."
10 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
Today is Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Lunch: Turkey & Noodles with dinner roll or Yogurt Meal, mashed potatoes, fresh baby carrots, choice of fruit, and milk. Activities: FLL after school until 5:15; 6th Grade swimming.
11 days ago, Jefferson Spartans
PSA: Student Assistance Program (SAP) - Bowen Center offers all WCS students two free sessions as well as educational resources. FLIER : #wcsmission #togetherwearewarsaw #breathe #wcswellnesswednesday
11 days ago, WCS District
Bowen Center SAP #Breathe
Cultural Heritage Night was amazing!!! Thank you to the families for creating beautiful displays. Thank you to Mrs. Friedberg, Mrs Vega and all the PTO volunteers who helped make it run. Thank you for everyone who attended.
12 days ago, Josh Wall
tasting foods