WCS Announces $150K Zimmer Biomet Partnership Grant

Warsaw Community Schools is proud to announce the continued partnership of Zimmer Biomet through a recent grant award. The grant, which totals $150,000, will be utilized to further STEM initiatives through expansion of STEM materials and personnel and the expansion of Warsaw Community Schools’ partnership network.

“We are so thankful and excited to partner with Zimmer Biomet on continuing to move STEM forward within Warsaw Community Schools,” noted WCS Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert. “Their continued growth of funding shows a strong commitment to our students, schools and community. These funds will be utilized to continue growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, ensuring that WCS stays a leader in the field. STEM education is critical to our local and global workforce and WCS is thankful to Zimmer Biomet for partnering to create the next generation of industry leaders and workforce.”

Warsaw Schools have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Zimmer Biomet, particularly in regards to furthering STEM curriculum for students of all ages. Over the past year, Zimmer Biomet’s support has provided numerous invaluable educational opportunities for students including support for the annual Elementary Robotics Showcase. The showcase provides a unique platform for student growth as well as community involvement by allowing over 200 students to demonstrate their knowledge in engineering and robotics.

In addition to furthering robotics, grant dollars provided by Zimmer Biomet have also provided solar eclipse glasses to all students in order to provide a safe, and educational viewing experience; Lego educational materials to assist in curriculum development; makerspace training for staff; partnership network development; consumable resources for the WCS WILL bus; and numerous other training opportunities for staff.

"On behalf of the Board of Trustees of WCS, we wish to express our gratitude to Zimmer Biomet for its investment in Warsaw Community Schools. We know that the giving of time, talent and resources is vital to the well-being of our community. Zimmer Biomet’s commitment to WCS enhances our community by continuing the advancement of WCS academic priorities in STEM curriculum and education, throughout all of our schools,” explained WCS Board of Trustees President Heather Reichenbach. “This investment will provide additional resources and expand opportunities to further inspire and equip our students with knowledge and build specific life and academic skills so they may enrich the lives of others in our community and beyond. We are exceedingly thankful for Zimmer Biomet’s support of these initiatives and excited for the future of our schools and community."  

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