WCHS Student Attends Congress of Science and Technology

This summer, a Warsaw Community High School sophomore had the opportunity to represent his school at the Congress of Science and Technology.

Keagan Rice attended the three-day experience featuring 28 different speakers ranging from some of the brightest scientific minds to motivational speakers. The event was led by Richard Rossi as he kept the enrgy up with his famous catch phrase "Energy Baby."

Demonstrations included Scott Flansburg (The Human Calculator), who showcased how fast he could calculate numbers, as well as Jim Kwik, an expert at memory and speed reading. Several presentations were also given on new breakthroughs in technology, including human-like robots and explanations of the company inventing the flying car.

“This was one of the greatest experiences of my life…Several motivational speakers such as Sean Stephenson and Bo Eason, a former football player, had a large impact on my life and helped me to realize that I want to follow in their footsteps to become a motivational speaker,” stated Rice.

“I had always teetered on the edge of what I had wanted to do as I grew up, but after hearing their life stories and hearing just how much they had changed people's lives, I realized that motivational speaking was my true dream. I will always remember the time I spent there and suggest that anyone who enjoys science and technology try and make it and experience it for themselves.”

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