Lincoln Kindergartners Celebrate Marriage Of Q And U

Kindergarten students at Lincoln Elementary recently celebrated the union of two letters in matrimony.

For the past two years, students in Carla Milliman, Leah Kilgore and Shelby Beam’s classes have had the opportunity to combine phonics with lessons on etiquette and marriage.

“…I have organized with my kindergarten team (Milliman and Kilgore) a wedding around Valentine's Day for the letters Q and U. We use this as an opportunity to talk about marriage and the etiquette of a wedding. This a phonics lesson on the sound the two letters make when spoken, as well as the fact that the letter Q is always seen with the U,” explained Beam.

The wedding took place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. Special attire was welcomed with girls dressed in princess outfits and boys dressed as quarterbacks or wearing their favorite jersey or numbered shirt. The wedding was officiated by Dr. David Hoffert, superintendent of Warsaw Community Schools. Dancing and a reception with punch (water) and treats followed.

In preparation for the event, students created a paper quilt as a gift for the bride and groom, as well as creating aisle runners for the ceremony.

“This is a moment that we hope that the kids remember as a positive memory for the rest of their lives. We have had other teachers and parents talk about how they remember doing this as a kindergartner,” stated Beam. “First graders were a bit confused as they wondered why Q and U were getting married since they had done so last year. Several third graders were upset that they never had a wedding. It is a great chance for us to do something memorable and fun while still teaching the standards,” said Beam.

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