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We have had a successful first week of STEM Summer School!

In Mr. Burden's class students have gone through the scientific process to engineer a straw rocket based on the driving question of "How can I engineer a straw rocket that flies the farthest horizontally?" Through this investigation we have looked at different variables and their impact on the objective. We found that our clay nose cones were ineffective with consistency and weight, so we designed a nose cone using 3D CAD that we then printed for their straw rockets. Our finish to this project involved creating a poster that shares our learning along with a final rocket design to answer the driving question.

In Mr. Hazelton's class we began working through the driving question "Can we re-engineer the Titanic to survive the impact of the iceberg?" We utilized a program called LoggerPro and did video analysis to generate graphs showing the energy. Students tested 3D models of the original Titanic and of their own student created Titanics that they re-engineered. Next, students analyzed the results to find whether or not they were successful while writing an ending conclusion based on their data. In addition, students researched and developed an opinion in the form of an essay about whether or not the Titanic should be brought to the surface or be left alone.

David Burden
STEM Instructional Coach
Washington STEM Academy

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