Jefferson third grade classes had the opportunity to visit Pizza King for math class and learn about using fractions in the real world. In addition, Karis Miller's class participated in the Pizza King Persuasive Writing Contest. Students wrote letters to Pizza King in order to persuade the business to add their unique pizza creations to the Pizza King menu.   

The winner of the contest was Xavier Xique with the "Xavier Deluxe" pizza. Runners-up were Chloe McGillem with "The Cool Pizza" and Savannah Purdy with "The Italian" pizza. 

The "Xavier Deluxe" pizza will run on special during the month of April at the Winona Avenue Pizza King. A percentage of each pizza purchase will be donated to the Jefferson lunch-accounts fund.

Jefferson Elementary students and staff would like to extend thanks to Pizza King for enriching the lives of Jefferson students by providing a fun and interactive learning experience.

Pictured: Xavier Xique, winner of the Pizza King Persuasive Writing Contest, poses with his first-place award.
Rose Love's project lead the way: biomedical innovations and sciences classes had the opportunity to hear from a special guest speaker on Wednesday, April 18, and Thursday, April 19.

Marti Pollnow, a cardiovascular technologist in the Cardiac Cath Lab at Goshen Hospital, shared her passion for her career with these students. Marti not only showed them what a day in the Cath Lab looks like for her but also taught them about the wide variety of cases she sees on a weekly basis.

The students were able to see and practice with some of the equipment she uses on her patients on a daily basis, as well. Marti then tested the students' knowledge of the cardiovascular system as they've been learning about heart disease and structures recently.

Special thanks to Mrs. Pollnow for taking time out of her busy schedule to invest in the lives of our students! 

(Pictured: Mrs. Love's fourth period class and Makylie Leek and Marti Pollnow practicing with cath lab tools.)

The next eLearning Day for 2017-2018 for Warsaw Community Schools will take place on Saturday, April 21st. This day has been scheduled to make up a school day that has been missed due to dangerous weather conditions. Making up lost instructional time in this manner allows students to be dismissed for the summer in late May as opposed to June.

eLearning Day Procedures

All student assignments for the eLearning Day will be posted by 9 a.m. on the district and school website. The district website may be accessed by visiting and the school web site may be accessed by visiting (ie: All lessons will be organized by school and grade level. Each teacher’s page will provide specific instructions for the assignments to be completed as well as optional enrichment activities. If the teacher has included a parent signature form for student assignments, the parent or guardian will need to sign and return the form to school to verify lesson completion.

The assignments may be completed on the actual eLearning Day or may be completed and turned in any time prior to the start of school on the following Thursday, April 26. Completion of the assignments will allow the student to be counted as in attendance on the eLearning Day. Any student who fails to turn in the assignments by the deadline will be counted absent for the eLearning Day.

On the eLearning Day, teachers may be contacted by email or other established means of communication with any questions about assignments. Additionally, a technology support line will be available for any general technology questions by calling 574-371-5088 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

 Lessons by Building:
Gateway Education Center

Warsaw Community Schools has partnered with United Way of Kosciusko County to bring the Warsaw area the annual Kindergarten Countdown Camp.

The camp serves as an orientation program to kindergarten for children who have not had preschool experience. Students will be introduced to curriculum while also learning classroom, lunch and bathroom expectations.

Kindergarten Countdown is a free, 15-day summer class with certified teachers running from June 4-22. Free breakfast, lunch and transportation to and from school is provided. Some transportation limitations may apply. The camp will be held at Lakeview Middle School located at 848 E. Smith St., Warsaw.

Registration is required to be submitted no later than Friday, April 27. Assessments will be held May 2, at the WCS Central Administration Office. For more registration information please contact Jen Stafford at 574-371-5093 ext. 2429.
For new students to Warsaw Schools, follow the links below to register for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year. This year, we are excited to announce you will be able to complete the entire registration process online. If you would still like to complete the registration process in person or to visit a school, contact your home school to schedule an appointment to do so. 

Please note, the online portal to register for the 2018-2019 school year will open on June 4, 2018.

Any parent wishing to pay for TBR fees via cash or set up a payment plan will need to attend registration on one of the dates above.

If you are completing registration online, you will need a valid email address. Free email accounts can be set up at

Online Registration Steps:
  1. Sign in to the PowerSchool parent portal at
  2. Select the student you wish to register along the top
  3. Select the InfoSnap Student Registration Icon on the left-hand menu for Returning Student Registration
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions
  5. Click Begin Forms
  6. Once you complete the process for one student, you can register the remaining students.  Information will be copied from the first student registration so you don’t have to enter it again.
If you are unable to recover your PowerSchool Parent logon using the log in page’s built-in functionality, please contact WCS Tech Support at 574-371-5088.

To complete registration, you will receive additional emails to:
  1. Pay your TBR Fees
  2. Complete your health information
  3. Apply for free or reduced lunches and/or put money into your child’s lunch account.
  4. Sign up for insurance for your student’s 1:1 iPad
Completing these steps finalizes the registration process.

For students new to the district, you will access new student registration here:

or in Spanish here:

For questions regarding how to apply for an out-of-district or within district transfer, please call the Warsaw Community School's Central Office at 574-371-5093.

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