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Core Values

We Believe That:

  • Everyone has value.
  • Every individual has something to contribute.
  • Learning enriches life.
  • Honesty, integrity, and trust are fundamental to thriving relationships.
  • Embracing diversity strengthens community.
  • People have life-changing power.
  • Giving of time, talent, and resources is vital to the well-being of the community.


We Will:

  • Build collaborative relationships with the community to share our time, talent and resources to support our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Supplement core standards with additional district standards to align all offered courses and programs with our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Assure that all current and future staff understand, trust and contribute to our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Embrace and engage technologies as accelerators to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.

Strategic Objectives

By 2017:

  • All students will develop and implement an annual plan where they invest their time and talents to serve others.
  • All students will express, plan and demonstrate progress toward their dreams.
  • All students will demonstrate growth and proficiency in alignment with district standards in the courses and programs in which they participate.

Strategic Delimiters

We Will Not:

  • Adopt any new program or service unless it
    • is aligned with and contributes to our mission.
    • is accompanied by the resources needed for its implementation.
  • Allow past practice or tradition to interfere with the consideration of new ideas.

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