Strategic Planning

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Core Values

We Believe That:

  • Everyone has value.
  • Every individual has something to contribute.
  • Learning enriches life.
  • Honesty, integrity, and trust are fundamental to thriving relationships.
  • Embracing diversity strengthens community.
  • People have life-changing power.
  • Giving of time, talent, and resources is vital to the well-being of the community.


We Will:

  • Build collaborative relationships with the community to share our time, talent and resources to support our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Supplement core standards with additional district standards to align all offered courses and programs with our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Assure that all current and future staff understand, trust and contribute to our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Embrace and engage technologies as accelerators to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.

Strategic Objectives

By 2017:

  • All students will develop and implement an annual plan where they invest their time and talents to serve others.
  • All students will express, plan and demonstrate progress toward their dreams.
  • All students will demonstrate growth and proficiency in alignment with district standards in the courses and programs in which they participate.

Strategic Delimiters

We Will Not:

  • Adopt any new program or service unless it
    • is aligned with and contributes to our mission.
    • is accompanied by the resources needed for its implementation.
  • Allow past practice or tradition to interfere with the consideration of new ideas.

Printable Strategic Plan Poster Poster


  • Core Planning Update

    Each year the Warsaw Community Schools’ Core Planning Team convenes to review and update the WCS Strategic Plan and to provide guidance for the future of the WCS system. The Core Planning Team is made up of community members, including business owners and representatives, as well as parents, students, WCS teachers, and WCS administrators. Progress updates on each strategy are given during the first part of the day, and the afternoon is spent discussing strategy for the upcoming year. Below are the individual progress updates, along with the Summary of Progress, as presented on Thursday, May 14 at The Russell Center. 
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