Though many may suspect summer is a quiet time at Warsaw Community Schools, nothing could be further from the truth. Students and staff both are continuing educational efforts through both WCS’s annual summer school program, which is the largest summer school program in the state, as well as summer enrichment camps.

“Warsaw Community Schools is excited to provide a comprehensive summer learning program for our young people,” explained JoElla Smyth, summer school coordinator and principal of Edgewood Middle School. “We have a unique learning opportunity for students who are enrolled in kindergarten this fall, but have never attended pre-school.”

Through a generous partnership with United Way, WCS is helping young students who have not had experience in a classroom become acquainted prior to the school year. The program, titled Kindergarten Countdown, allows students to learn soft skills in a classroom setting that promotes a smooth transition into a learning environment.

“This year we have 60 students enrolled in this program,” stated Smyth. “We are thankful to the United Way for partnering with our corporation to make this opportunity possible!”

Students in kindergarten are also able to partake in a transitional course for first grade. This 17-day course offers a learning experience aimed to help boost student confidence while transitioning for the first time into their next grade level.

WCS is also offering a fun, reading-focused program which bolsters both student enjoyment and confidence while reading. The program aims to help students who may not have passed the third grade IREAD assessment succeed in the second round of testing.

“We offer two options for learning in the summer time for our students in grades four through seven,” noted Smyth. “Students can work on reading, writing and math during this summer session or they can 

Warsaw Community Schools is excited to announce Eisenhower Elementary has been selected as a recipient of the Indiana Department of Education Dual Language Immersion Pilot Program Grant.

Eisenhower, which will implement its first year of Spanish-English Dual Language Immersion at the kindergarten level this year, received a total of $66,200 from the grant. The school was one of eight schools in the state to be awarded funding for the program.

The Spanish-English dual language immersion program at Eisenhower seeks to enroll students of varying backgrounds and all abilities. Applications are open to all students entering kindergarten.

Students will be offered a rich, bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language. Instruction is divided between two high-quality, creative classrooms: one in English and one in Spanish.

Proven benefits of dual language immersion include development and proficiency of second language skills, improved performance on standardized testing, enhanced cognitive skills, increased cultural sensitivity and long-term benefits.

Dual Language Immersion Pilot Program grants provide for the establishment of new Dual Language Immersion programs as well as the expansion of an existing program. To qualify, a program must provide 50 percent of its instruction in English and 50 percent of its instruction in a second language and begin in either kindergarten or first grade.This is the second year of the two-year Dual Language Immersion Pilot program.  Today, five schools received funding to continue an existing program while three schools are receiving funding for the first time.
Summer School Programs 2016 are underway!  
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Warsaw Community Schools unified track team recently celebrated first place at the third annual unified track and field state finals. Ten points separated the top four teams in an extremely competitive meet at this year’s state final event. Warsaw Tigers tallied a total of 107 points during the event, followed closely by Millers with 103 and Crown Point and Fishers, which both tied with 97 points each.

According to the IHSAA website, this is the second consecutive year additional sectional sites were added to the tournament to accommodate increasing participant numbers. Over 175 athletes from across Indiana competed in this year’s meet.

In the first event, the mixed 100-meter dash, three Tigers participated in the event. Jacob Green placed first in section 2 scoring 10 points for WCS; Abria Federico scored 8-points with a second place in section 4. Joshua Jarrett scored 5 points with fifth place in the same section.

The next event was the 400-meter dash, which four WCS students participated in. In section four, Meredith Phipps scored third place for 6 points and Thomas Boyer scored one point with eighth place. In section 5, Jeremy McCartney scored 8 points with a second place, and in Section 6, Chandler Paul scored first place awarding WCS with another 10 points.

The mixed 4x100 meter relay took place next, with Cole Hoskins and Abria Federico pulling in a fourth place victory in section two, awarding their team with 5 points.

Following three running based events, participants took to the field to prepare for their next event, the mixed long jump. Emily Gilbertson placed fourth in flight 3; Thomas Boyer placed first in flight 4; Joshua Jarrett placed second in flight 6; and Alexa Balestri placed third in flight 7. The Tigers scored a total of 28 points during the fourth event.
Just because it is summer does not mean your student can't do a little excercising of their "noodle."

Warsaw Community Schools has created a series of summer activity calendars for your student to enjoy everyday. Activities include all aspects of education; utilization of math games fun for student engagement; as well as activities that take place outdoors. 

Download your free copy and enjoy a summer of continued learning and fun with your student! 


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