This week in our school libraries there is a lot going on for students.  At the Leesburg Library the first grade students are conducting apple experiments with the Digital Learning Specialist, Mrs. Watters.  The first grade students are finding out how to keep apples from turning brown.  It looks like this group of first graders have figured it out!

The students at Eisenhower Elementary and their Digital Learning Specialist, Mrs. Boggs, got to SKYPE with author, Dan Gutman.  He is the author of several popular books including The Kid Who Ran for President, My Weird School, and Jackie & Me.  Prior to his visit the students worked with Mrs. Boggs on researching his books and the topics contained in the books, learned what it takes to be an author, and read several of his books.  It was an amazing visit, and the students got to ask him questions that they created from their research.

At the Gateway Library Mrs. Lewis's elementary students got meet with Mrs. Dani Barkey who taught them all about being an artist.  The students have been researching and learning about their dream jobs, and today they learned what it takes to be an artist and graphic designer.  Mrs. Barkey also took time to share and read one of her favorite books to the students. 
Click here to open the Book Making Template for Lewis's class: Lewis-Book-outline.pptx
Today at the Harrison Library the second grade students were using the Britannica Schools database to research about zoos.  The Digital Learning Specialist taught the students how to use this database to collect their facts, and she also taught the students how to cite their sources.  It was a good day for research in the library!
Last Friday the ninth grade students at Gateway learned about the Surrealism Movement and the art of Salvador Dali.  The students used database articles and video clips to learn about Surrealism and the life and works of Salvador Dali.  They viewed books with examples of his artwork and even got to try their own hand at creating through the library's MakerSpace.  One of the most exciting aspects of this study was that students were able to view two real Dali paintings from a private collection.  The students got to see up close the colors, themes, and artistry of his work. 
Each week there is a new MakerSpace Challenge in the Library at Gateway!  Don't miss out!

In this video, Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert recaps the successes of our Strategic Plan over the past 5 years, and looks forward to the next 5 years as we seek to meet the needs of our students and community.

Please visit our survey to help us shape our future goals for our school system:

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