The WCHS Choral Department will present their Classics Concert at 7:30pm on Tuesday, February 9,
2016 in the WCHS Performing Arts Center.  The concert will feature all four high school choirs in a
variety of choral pieces ranging from Renaissance to African American Spirituals.    Several combined
groups will be featured in music which will be used later for competition.  The groups are accompanied
by Jonathan Harstine  and directed by Mr. Thomas Hall.   The concert is free of charge and the public is
cordially invited.

MARCH 24, 2016
TICKETS: $5.00
BOX OFFICE 574-371-5040
 Online at
The WCHS Drama Department, will present An Evening of One Act Plays 

Date:  February 11, 2016

Time:  7:pm

Place:  WCHS PAC

Price: $5.00 (at the door)

These 6, very diverse, plays have been directed by some juniors and seniors in the Theatre Dept. and the 60+ students involved are letting their talents shine.  This will be an extremely enjoyable evening with plays about people who meet in a subway station, the effects of the Word Trade Center attacks, test anxiety, the personalities of people involved in theatre, a murder mystery on a train, a the humorous struggles of a family.  Tickets are $5.00 at the door and it promises to be an entertaining evening.





FEBRUARY 10, 2016

4:30-6:00 PM



Kathy Nimmer is an award-winning teacher, author, and motivational speaker, who has been teaching at Harrison High School since 1992. She was chosen as the 2015 Indiana Teacher of the Year and was a 2015 National Teacher of the Year Finalist.
In 2015, for the fall semester, Warsaw Community High School implemented a new bell schedule. The schedule allows for block periods twice a week so teachers can create lessons that are more in depth and “hands-on”. In addition, an embedded enrichment period occurs once a week on Thursdays. Throughout the year, enrichment has been used for speakers, informational meetings and educational guidance. On Jan. 21, enrichment opportunities took on a whole new meaning for students. Andy Tomasik, art department leader, proposed the question, “How can we further enrich students’ lives during the enrichment period?” and shared his dream of teachers being able to offer workshops or sessions on a topic of their choice. The remaining department leaders jumped on board with his idea.

Brenda Linky, special services coordinator, ran with the idea and organized the sessions. The first step was to survey teachers, ask them to think outside the box relating to their personal skills and talents and offer a “workshop” not necessarily related to their subject area. Linky said, “I was blown away by the responses. I had no idea that the staff had so many hidden talents.”

The students had over 100 different workshop topics from which to choose. Topics ranged from yoga, to martial arts, robotics for women, jewelry making, art therapy, stress management, board games, knitting and how to make a fly-tie, just to name a few.

Akers, WCHS principal stated, “It is exactly this type of opportunity that we had hoped we could offer students when we implemented the new schedule. I appreciate all the hard work and creativity by the teachers to make this opportunity a reality.”
The Warsaw Area Career Center was abuzz with activity Saturday, Jan. 23, as middle school and high school students from throughout Indiana and surrounding states gathered to compete in the annual VEX Robotics Competition.

Watch a video from the competition here.

The theme was “Nothing But Net.” Students have been working throughout much of the school year to design and build robots capable of picking up rubber balls and throwing them into a net. While this may sound simple, there is quite a lot of mathematics and science involved.

Saturday’s event was a state qualifying competition. Teams that scored high enough will advance to the state competition, set for Saturday, March 5, in Indianapolis.

“From there, they qualify to compete in worlds,” WACC Engineering/Technology Department Leader Abbi Richcreek said.

This was Warsaw’s second time to host the event, which included teams representing 47 schools from throughout Indiana and surrounding states. For the first round, teams were randomly paired with other teams in what are called “alliances.” Each alliance competed against other alliances.

In subsequent rounds, teams were able to choose their own alliances. Each team’s robot had 15 seconds of what Richcreek called “autonomous play,” then one minute and 45 seconds of driver-controlled play. Each playing area had two nets, one red and one blue. The object was for each team’s robot to land as many balls in that team’s net as possible in the allotted two minutes.

This year, Warsaw’s team consists of senior co-captains Patrick Mosher and Kara Blair, senior Marie Hoover and sophomores Ethan Boorem, Evan Mosma and Alex Fisher. Naming themselves, “That One Team,” they aptly dubbed this year’s robot, “That One Robot.”

“That way, if a team says, ‘we want that one robot,’ everyone would think they were talking about us, even if we are in last place,” Boorem said jokingly.

Saturday was the first competition That One Team was able to make it to this year due to technical difficulties with their robot.

“Hopefully we can get our foot in the door,” Boorem said.

Aside from the robotics club, WCHS is also home to the Warsaw Area Career Center, which features a robotics program. According to Warsaw Area Career Center Principal/Director of Career and Technical Education Ronna Kawsky, the program is in partnership with several local manufacturers and helps prepare students to go on to secondary education in the area of robotics and engineering.

Pictured above in front from left are senior co-captain Patrick Mosher, senior Marie Hoover holding That One Robot and sophomore Ethan Boorem. In back are sophomore Evan Mosma, sophomore Alex Fisher and senior co-captain Kara Blair. (Photos by Amanda McFarland)

To learn more about the competition, click here.

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