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Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing high quality service to all prospective, current and past employees. We are dedicated to treating everyone with respect, good care, and individual attention from their first inquiries about position vacancies, services and programs, through retirement. By making this commitment to Warsaw Community Schools and its customers, the Human Resources Department will be able to maintain its high level of mutual trust and respect.

Our top priority is to help students learn. We hire quality educators and educational support staff who provide the best learning environment for all of Warsaw Community Schools students. We actively pursue motivated applicants whose first priority is to assist students to attain their full potential.

The Human Resources Department works strategically with the diverse needs of the community in identifying and responding to its changing needs. We will provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures, thus fostering a positive work environment.

Warsaw Community Schools is currently seeking to fill positions in the transportation, paraprofessional, custodial and food service departments. In addition to a great work environment and the ability to shape the lives of today's youth, eligible candidates are also able to procure bonuses, paid holiday and sick days, insurance opportunities and more.

For further information on how to become part of the WCS team, visit our employment portal, here. 

Jeanine Corson 
Director of Human Resources 
Ext. 2440

Cari Williams 
Human Resources Coordinator 
Ext. 2417

Tracy Beiler
Benefits Coordinator 
Ext. 2444

Betty O'Hara
Human Resource Generalist/Analyst
Ext. 2418

Human Resources Administrative Assistant 
Ext. 2418 

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Q: Must I complete an online application? Can I send in a paper applications and resumes?
A: To be considered for available positions, you must complete an online application. If you send a resume, you will be contacted by our office asking you to apply online. When our administrators and principals screen applicants for openings, they do so based on the information provided to them on the online applications. Resumes are a great tool to assist you during your job hunt. Feel free to add one to your online application under the attachment page.

Q: Who do I contact for help with the online application?
A: For assistance with the online application, please contact Human Resources at (574)371-5098 ext. 2418 or 2417.

Q: Who do I contact for information about substitute teaching?
A: For substitute teaching information, please contact Kristen Heiman, Payroll Associate at or (574)371-5098 ext. 2404.

Q: Who do I contact for information about employee health benefits?
A: For employee health benefits questions, please contact Tracy Beiler, Benefits Coordinator at (574)371-5098 ext. 2444.

Q: Who do I contact if I have payroll questions?
A: For payroll questions, please contact Penny Lutes, Payroll Coordinator at or (574)371-5098 ext. 2427.

Q: How do I renew my teaching license?
A: For information on license renewal with graduate credit, please contact your university. For information on renewing your license, go the the Office of Licensing and Development at for more information or contact Nancy Rooker at . If you are a teacher for Warsaw Community Schools and need a criminal history report run for your license renewal, please contact Cari Williams (ext 2417) or Amy Mencarelli (ext 2418).

Q: To be employed by Warsaw Community Schools, do I need an expanded criminal history check?
A: Yes, Warsaw Community Schools and the State of Indiana require each employee to have a criminal history on file. The expanded criminal history is completed upon hire. The State of Indiana also requires that the expense of the criminal history be consumed by the employee. (Indiana Code 20-26-5-10)

Q: Are criminal history/sex offender histories required for volunteers?
A: Yes, every person who has contact with students must have criminal history report on file. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who volunteers in the school, attends field trips, or assists with extra curricular events, etc. Every school has authorization and expectation forms available in the office.

Q: As a WCS employee, where can I get forms, requests and applications?
A: While you are logged into the WCS network, you can find WCS forms and documents on our intranet site,
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