Justin Weaver

Justin Weaver

A graduate of Taylor University's class of 2005, Justin holds a degree in Computer Graphic Arts / Systems. Justin teaches in the Engineering Tech Education department at Warsaw Area Career Center and serves as the District Webmaster..

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The third issue of WCS PRIDE Magazine is now available for digital download!

PRIDE Vol 1 Issue 3

Many of us do not think about the sacrifices Veterans AND their families make to ensure our freedom as well as spreading freedom worldwide to those who have been oppressed.  This moving video pays tribute to those who have served or are currently serving and those who love them.

Director and Editor: Landen DeGraff
Videographers: Landen DeGraff, Alexi Demopolous, and Aaron Secaur

The Leesburg Elementary 4th Graders and 3rd/4th Drama Club will present a Veteran’s Day Program on November 7, 2013, 7:00 PM, in the Leesburg Elementary School gymnasium.

Leesburg Elementary invites the community and veterans to join in this celebration of the sacrifices many Veterans have made for our country.

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