Justin Weaver

Justin Weaver

A graduate of Taylor University's class of 2005, Justin holds a degree in Computer Graphic Arts / Systems. Justin teaches in the Engineering Tech Education department at Warsaw Area Career Center and serves as the District Webmaster..

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Update #3 2/5 Closure:

Semifinal games will play as scheduled tonight.

Update #2 Semifinal information:

Thursday night 2/5/2015. Games will be played at Lakeview and Gateway tomorrow. Gates will open at 4:15 pm and games will start at 4:45 pm. Games will be played at the following locations.

Eisenhower location and Harrison location winners will play at Gateway

Lincoln location and Madison location winners will play at Lakeview

Update #1 Due to Weather:
All games will be at their originally scheduled locations, except for Madison v Lincoln.

2/4 Sacred Heart v Jefferson @ EIS

2/4 Madison v Lincoln @ Warsaw High School Career Center Gym

2/4 Washington v Warsaw Christian @ LIN

2/4 Claypool (B)/Harrison (G) v Eisenhower @ MAD

The 2014-15 Warsaw Community Schools Elementary Basketball Tournament bracket is available (please note changes above):

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In August 2013, Warsaw Community Schools (WCS) received a $300,000 grant from OrthoWorx to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education beginning in 2014. WCS also committed $182,000 to its Moving STEM Forward plan.
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OrthoWorx has joined forces with Winona Lake Limitless Park to bring something amazing to our community.


A delicious pancake breakfast for the whole family. Enjoy food and an awesome art project for kids of all ages. The finished art piece will become part of a display for Winona Lake Senior Center.


Funds collected go toward purchasing the Playworld NEOS 360, a cool, interactive piece of playground equipment. It combines physical activity AND technology. It’s designed to be accessible to individuals of various physical abilities. The campaign goal is $20,000, which is the cost of the Playworld NEOS 360.


Senior Center, 1590 Park Ave., Winona Lake, Indiana


November 22, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.


$5 per person, no charge for children 5 and under. We accept cash, check or credit card as payment.

Find Us On: INDIEGOGO Facebook Twitter

Download the pdf:  Limitless Park
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