With the end of the school year just around the corner, the formation of the 2017-2018 sixth grade band and orchestra will soon be underway. Warsaw Community Schools invites you to attend an instrument fitting session to help your child find an instrument they might be interested in playing.

“I believe everyone is born with musical ability,” noted Band Director Joseph Peloza. “Now is the time to nurture that ability. Participation in band and orchestra provides an avenue for creativity and self-expression that adds richness to the quality of life.”

Recent studies indicate, on average, students who study a musical instrument score higher on standardized tests and out perform their peers in academic courses.

For those interested in enrolling in band or orchestra next year, WCS will host instrument fittings 4-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 27, at Edgewood Middle School. During these informal fittings, each child will have a hands-on opportunity to try out any instrument they might be interested in playing. The goal of the meeting is to choose the instrument and size best suited to each student.

The band department looks forward to meeting students and parents at fitting night and anticipates the beginning of another great sixth grade band and orchestra. Please call 574-371-5037 or email Lori Owens at to schedule an instrument fitting appointment for your student. The event is open to any interested fifth or sixth grade student.

Warsaw Community Schools has entered into an unprecedented partnership with the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business and the Curry School of Education as Indiana’s first school acceleration program (UVA Partners for Leadership in Education).

The Indiana Department of Education approached WCS to consider the pilot. After a lengthy vetting process, WCS agreed to pilot the program with the support of the IDOE, which provided a $750,000 grant for the three-year partnership, professional development, travel costs and funds for instructional positions. This grant allows the partnership to exist with little to no cost to WCS.

This partnership is part of WCS's strategic planning to achieve our mission for all students. The goal of the acceleration program is to empower school systems and school level leaders to achieve dramatic improvement and growth. The UVA Acceleration Program is a rigorous, three-year district and leadership development course emphasizing four main foundational “levers of change.” These include leadership; differentiated support and accountability; talent management; and instructional infrastructure. Through focusing on these levers, the program aims to create the system-wide infrastructure necessary to quickly, dramatically and sustainably improve student learning.

The UVA PLE program focuses on three schools within the districts that it partners. WCS will be focusing their partnership with UVA on secondary schools in the district (WCHS, LMS and EMS). Teachers and administrators at the secondary schools will benefit from professional development from a world-class institution as well as a chance to work with districts from around the nation also working towards innovation in education.

Multiple site visits have taken place at WCS, including a week-long, intensive initial meeting between leadership of both organizations.

"WCS is very grateful for the opportunity to commence our partnership with the University of Virginia,” stated Dr. David Hoffert, superintendent of WCS. “Since its inception in the early 1800s, UVA has been an institution focused on visionary leadership and data driven research. This partnership will assist WCS through world-class professional development and resources targeted on secondary instructional practices enabling WCS to continue as a leading public school. The partnership aligns with WCS's work as a Professional Learning Community and will be a catalyst for the continuous improvement of PLC practices."

About Warsaw Community Schools
WCS has received national acclaim as a leader in the fields of STEM education and community partnership. These advancements have led to national recognition at the White House for exemplary secondary schools as well as being named a top 100 future-ready school system. 

Congratulations to the Edgewood and Lakeview Band students that competed at the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest. 

Students had the option to perform a solo or to be a part of an ensemble that was evaluated by a judge. They received many positive comments on how well they prepared and performed. Edgewood and Lakeview received 28 gold and one silver. Great job representing our middle schools with pride!

In addition, congratulations to the Edgewood and Lakeview Middle School Band on a wonderful concert. The month of March is designated as "Music in Our Schools." It is a time to celebrate the arts and the talented group of students that have music enriching their lives as well as the lives of others. 

The band will be competing at the ISSMA Organizational Contest on 
Friday March 17th at Paul Harding Jr./Sr. High School.  We wish them the best as they represent the Warsaw Schools with PRIDE!
During the Feb. 20, Warsaw Board of School Trustees meeting, a modification was made to the 2016-2017 school year calendar to include eLearning Days. Currently, Warsaw Community Schools has experienced four winter cancellation days. All Indiana schools are mandated by law to have a calendar of 180 student instructional days. The Indiana Department of Education has approved eLearning days as a method to make-up missed instructional days.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert stated, “The IDOE has approved a number of state-wide and local schools for eLearning days. WCS has spent the last couple years investigating and preparing for eLearning options through the advancement of our technology infrastructure, 1 computer to every child ratio and shifts toward technology inclusion within the curriculum. As these areas have advanced, parents and community members has increasingly asked about the option of eLearning days. In no fashion is this a replacement of teachers, but instead a differing learning style of technology rich skills helping to prepare students for many of the delivery platforms utilized in college and industry.”

The 2016-2017 E-Learning days will take place on Saturday, April 22, and Saturday, May 6. Students will have until the following Thursday to submit assignments from the day. Due to the approved calendar modifications, the last student day is currently scheduled for May 31, 2017.

E-Learning FAQ

What is an eLearning Day?

Currently, Indiana state law requires students to attend 180 instructional days. An eLearning day is an approved instructional day by the state of Indiana that can be used as a make-up school day through technology. WCS will be utilizing (2) eLearning days as make-ups for two of the days missed due to winter weather cancellations.

Why this year?

A calendar including eLearning has been an area evaluated by WCS for several years. To ensure it could be implemented correctly under the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) requirements, significant work was completed in our 1:1 initiatives (ratio of 1 computer for each student), instructional practices with technology and technology infrastructure. We are pleased to announce that WCS has reached the point where implementation is now possible. As the calendar was reviewed, the spring of 2017 made logical sense for our first pilot eLearning days as a district.

What days will be used as eLearning in the 2016-2017 school year?

The two dates for the 2016-2017 school year will be Saturday, April 22nd and Saturday, May 6th. Teachers will determine the hours and delivery of the lesson plans. While the eLearning day is scheduled for Saturday, students will have until the following Thursday morning to complete assignments and/or acquire any additional needed assistance.

What does this look like for a Saturday?

The Saturday will be very flexible. Teachers will practice with students during a traditional day preceding the eLearning days to help students locate classwork, assignments and teacher availability for help during the day. Assignments will be posted by 9:00 am during the eLearning day.

What do the lesson plans look like for the day?

The IDOE requires that lessons are relevant to the current curriculum. Due to a guaranteed and viable curriculum throughout grade levels and content areas, many of these collaborative areas (Professional Learning Communities) will be able to share ideas and lesson plans for the day.

What do I do if a student cannot connect on that day?

It is understood that all students may not be able to attend digitally due to previously scheduled events or obligations. eLearning provides a great amount of flexibility. Students will have additional time to complete the e-learning lessons. eLearning assignments will not be due until the Thursday morning following the actual eLearning day. This will also provide for special services if required or needed for students.

Will we have computer labs open during the day?

Yes. We will have computer labs staffed during these days for students. Please watch for hours and locations to be established and communicated. Announcement will be made available through the WCS and building websites along with the Peachjar district notifications.

What will training look like for the parents?

The eLearning instructional staff along with our Equipping Families initiative team is developing parent help guides and instructions to assist with these days. These guides will be available on the school websites prior to the eLearning days.

When will the work be due and how will attendance be taken?

Attendance will be counted with completion of the assignments. Assignments will be due on the Thursday morning following the eLearning day.

Will we have future eLearning days on the actual day of the cancellation?

This could be an option for the future. Currently, we are just in the beginning stages of the eLearning journey. At this time, plans do not include making up the days on the exact day of cancellation.

Preguntas más frecuentes acerca de eLearning

¿Qué es un día de eLearning?

Actualmente, la Ley del Estado de Indiana require que los estudiantes atiendan 180 días de jornadas escolares. Un día de eLearning es un día escolar aprobado por el estado de Indiana que puede ser usado como un día para recuperar un día de escuela perdido a través de la utilizaciόn de tecnología. Las Escuelas de la Comunidad de Warsaw (WCS) utilizarán (2) días de eLearning para recuperar los días perdidos debido a las cancelaciones por mal tiempo durante el invierno.

¿Por qué este año?

Un calendario escolar que incluya eLearning ha sido una área evaluada por las Escuelas de la Comunidad de Warsaw (WCS) durante varios años. Para asegurar que pudiera ser implementado correctamente bajo los requisitos del Departamento de Educación de Indiana (IDOE, por su siglas en inglés) un trabajo significativo fue realizado en nuestras iniciativas 1:1 (proporción de 1 computadora por cada estudiante), prácticas de enseñanza con tecnología y una infraestructura tecnolόgica. Nos complace anunciar que WCS han alcanzado el punto donde la implementaciόn es ahora possible. En la revisiόn del calendario escolar, tuvo sentido implementar nuestro primer piloto de días de eLearning como distrito en la primavera del 2017.

¿Qué días serán usados en eLearning en el año escolar 2016-2017?

Los dos días para el año escolar 2016-2017 serán el sábado, 22 de abril y el sábado, 6 de mayo. Los maestros/las maestras determinarán las horas y la presentaciόn de los planes de lecciόn. Mientras el día de eLearning está programado para un sábado, los estudiantes tendrán hasta el siguiente jueves por la mañana para completar las tareas y/u obtener cualquier ayuda adicional que sea necesaria.

¿Cόmo será un sábado?

El sábado será muy flexible. Los maestros/las maestras practicarán con los estudiantes durante un día tradicional antes de los días de eLearning, para ayudar a los estudiantes a localizar la tarea de clase, las tareas asignadas y la disponibbilidad del maestrto/a para ayuda durante el día. Las tareas asignadas serán anunciadas no más tarde de las 9 a.m. durante el día de eLearning.

¿Cόmo serán los planes de lecciόn para el día?

El Departamento de Educaciόn de Indiana (IDOE, por sus siglas en inglés) require que las lecciones sean relevantes al plan de estudios actual. Debido a un plan de estudios garantizado y viable através de los niveles de los grados y las áreas de contenidos, muchas de estas áreas de colaboraciόn (Professional Learning Communities) Comunidades de Aprendizaje Profesional, nosotros podremos compartir ideas y planes de lecciόn para el día.

¿Qué puedo hacer si un estudiante no puede conectar este día?

Se entiende que todos los estudiantes no puedan atender digitalmente debido a eventos anteriormente programados u obligaciones. eLearning proporciona una gran flexibilidad. Los estudiantes tendáan tiempo adicional para completar las lecciones de eLearning. Las tareas de eLearning no tendrán que ser entregadas hasta la mañana del jueves siguiente al día actual de eLearning. Esto también proporcionará servicios especiales si los estudiantes lo requiren o lo necesitan.

¿Tendremos los laboratorios de computadoras abiertos durante el día?

Sí. Nosostros tendremos personal en los laboratorios de computadoras para los estudiantes durante esos días. Por favor, comprueben las horas y los lugares que serán establecidos y anunciados. Se pondrá un anuncio en las páginas web de WCS y de las escuelas, además de en las notificaciones de nuestro distrito en Peachjar.

¿Cόmo se entrenará a los padres?

El personal instruccional de eLearning junto con nuestro equipo de iniciativa Equipping Families (Equipando Familias) están desarrollando las directrices de ayuda a los padres y las instrucciones para ayudar en estos días. Estas directrices estarán disponibles en las páginas web de la escuelas anteriormente a los días de eLearning.

¿Cuándo se deberán entregar las tareas y cόmo se pasará lista de asistencia?

La asistencia será contada cuando las tareas sean completadas. Las tareas asignadas se deberán presentar en la mañana del jueves siguiente al día eLearning.

¿Tendremos días de eLearning en el futuro en el mismo día de la cancelaciόn?

Esta puede ser una opciόn en el futuro. Actualmente nosotros estamos en las fases de comienzo en el viaje de eLearning. En este momento, los planes no incluyen recuperar los días en los exactos días de cancelaciόn.

Kindergarten students at Lincoln Elementary recently celebrated the union of two letters in matrimony.

For the past two years, students in Carla Milliman, Leah Kilgore and Shelby Beam’s classes have had the opportunity to combine phonics with lessons on etiquette and marriage.

“…I have organized with my kindergarten team (Milliman and Kilgore) a wedding around Valentine's Day for the letters Q and U. We use this as an opportunity to talk about marriage and the etiquette of a wedding. This a phonics lesson on the sound the two letters make when spoken, as well as the fact that the letter Q is always seen with the U,” explained Beam.

The wedding took place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. Special attire was welcomed with girls dressed in princess outfits and boys dressed as quarterbacks or wearing their favorite jersey or numbered shirt. The wedding was officiated by Dr. David Hoffert, superintendent of Warsaw Community Schools. Dancing and a reception with punch (water) and treats followed.

In preparation for the event, students created a paper quilt as a gift for the bride and groom, as well as creating aisle runners for the ceremony.

“This is a moment that we hope that the kids remember as a positive memory for the rest of their lives. We have had other teachers and parents talk about how they remember doing this as a kindergartner,” stated Beam. “First graders were a bit confused as they wondered why Q and U were getting married since they had done so last year. Several third graders were upset that they never had a wedding. It is a great chance for us to do something memorable and fun while still teaching the standards,” said Beam.

For a video of the event go to:

Warsaw Adult Basic Education (ABE) has helped 28 students earn their High School Equivalence (HSE) over the last few months. Here is a picture of a recent graduate of our program with teacher Annette Coenen, Director Brenda Utter and teacher Donna Bower.

If you know someone that needs to earn their HSE please refer them to Brenda Utter @ the Warsaw ABE, 574-371-5019 X 4010

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