2017-2018 1:1 iPad Program Information

This message is to share some important information regarding our 1:1 iPad Program at Warsaw Community Schools, e3 Tiger Tech.  First, this Friday, September 1, 2017 is the deadline to purchase iPad insurance for the 2017-2018 school year.  Insurance for each student device in grades 5-12 is strongly encouraged for all families and must be purchased each year.  It is a $0 deductible plan, so there are no costs to the parent if there is accidental damage to the iPad, or it is stolen or vandalized.  Costs for those without insurance can run hundreds of dollars per incident, so please consider making this purchase.  The web site to sign up for insurance is:  for more information, read the article here:

Next, we've recorded a video to tell you more about our 1:1 program.  For that video, click here:

Finally, this past summer, we hosted a community Internet safety night.  We had great presentations from national speaker, Kevin Honeycutt and the Indiana State Police.  You may view that video here:

It's our honor to serve you!  On behalf of the entire technology team, we hope that you have a great school year!


Brad Hagg

Chief Technology Officer

Warsaw Community Schools

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