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This week in the library during the Digital Learning Special at Madison the third grade students are learning how to code using the resources at  The students are exploring the worlds of Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, and other games through the use of code.  The students are learning how computer and app programming uses coding, and they are getting to try it out for themselves.  
The Warsaw Community Public Library is also offering a Children's Summer Reading Program.  Click on the PDF file for more details: Public-Library-2016-Summer-Library-Childrens.pdf
The Warsaw Community Public Library is offering a Teen Summer Reading Program.  Click on the PDF file for more details: Public-Library-2016-Summer-Library-Teen.pdf
Today's "tache" or task for Mr. Hindsley's French class at Edgewood Middle School focused on researching and gathering information about important cities in France.  The students worked with the librarian, Mrs. Eberhardt, to find print and electronic resources that offered good information that they could use to create their posters.  The students will showcase their posters next week in order to share their findings.  
The students in Mr. Lucht's class shared their research presentations on the book, Unbroken, in the library today. They also showed the 3D designs and 3D prints of the artifacts that they created as part of their research. Dr. Hoffert took part in this activity and shared his expertise and knowledge about World War II, and his conversations that he had with Louis Zamperini. The students we able to hear stories about what it was like to really know Louis Zamperini in person.    

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Our Goal

The main goal of the Library Services program for Warsaw Community Schools is to support our district's mission of inspiring and equipping all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others. We help students achieve this mission by teaching them strong information literacy skills that enable our students to identify, evaluate, apply, and ethically use a wide variety of electronic and print information sources to meet their knowledge needs.

Our Curriculum

Our program's curriculum focuses on promoting a reading culture and project based learning that incorporates the Indiana State Standards as well as the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner. AASL Standards

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