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Each week there is a new MakerSpace Challenge in the Library at Gateway!  Don't miss out!
The students in Dr. Boyd's health classes are researching and learning about health problems and are "making" the solutions to these health problems using the new Makerspace created by the librarian, Mrs. Scoggs, in the Lakeview Library.  The students are working in teams to narrow down health issues and problems in order to come up with solutions that they can use to help solve these problems.  Not only are they coming up with the solutions - but they are going to make them!  Stop by the Lakeview Library and check it out!
Today in the library at Gateway Mrs. Lewis's students got to meet Officer Navarro, who taught them all about being a police officer.  The students have been learning and researching about their dream jobs, and today they got to see what it is like to work for the Police Department.  The students got to see all the equipment, tools, and resources that officers have with them and in their cars.  Officer Navarro also took time to read a book about police dogs.  It was a dream come true for the elementary students at Gateway!  Thank you Officer Navarro!!!

Click on this file to get the template for the Country PowerPoint: Country-Culture-Presentation.pptx
The students in Mrs. Lewis's class have been learning and researching about their dream jobs in the Gateway Library.  Today the students had a very special visitor, Kerry Stogsdill, who taught them about being a firefighter.  Mr. Stogsdill explained the different types of jobs that firefighters do, the gear they wear, and the challenges of the job.  The students asked questions and also got a chance to try on the firefighting gear.  It was a dream come true!   Thank you Mr. Stogsdill!

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Our Goal

The main goal of the Library Services program for Warsaw Community Schools is to support our district's mission of inspiring and equipping all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others. We help students achieve this mission by teaching them strong information literacy skills that enable our students to identify, evaluate, apply, and ethically use a wide variety of electronic and print information sources to meet their knowledge needs.

Our Curriculum

Our program's curriculum focuses on promoting a reading culture and project based learning that incorporates the Indiana State Standards as well as the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner. AASL Standards

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