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Coordinator of Library Services: Wendy Kovach
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I had my last official Librarian / Digital Learning Specialist PLC meeting.  I have really enjoyed the last five years working with such a great team! I will miss you all!  Go Team Library!
This week in the library Mrs. Lewis's elementary students learned about inventor, Elon Musk.  Through their research, the students discovered that Musk coded and created his first game at age 12.  The students got their chance to code as well by creating code for Minecraft on during a Makerspace activity. 
This week in the library at Gateway, the students have been learning about Rube Goldberg.  They have also taken part in the Maker activity of creating their own Rube Goldberg machines. 
Today in the Edgewood library, the seventh grade social studies students were researching about the early lives of their historical twins.  The students have been match with famous historical figures, and they must learn how they are like these famous people from history and how they are different.  The librarian, Mrs. Eberhardt, worked with the students on how to find the best sources of information for their research.  She had the students use the Biography in Context database as well as the Explora Middle School database.  She also showed the students how to cite their information and record their notes. 
This month in the Gateway Library students are learning about inventors.  This week students researched and read about Ole Kirk Christiansen and learned how he created and refined LEGOs.  The students also took part in a LEGO design Makerspace activity.

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Our Goal

The main goal of the Library Services program for Warsaw Community Schools is to support our district's mission of inspiring and equipping all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others. We help students achieve this mission by teaching them strong information literacy skills that enable our students to identify, evaluate, apply, and ethically use a wide variety of electronic and print information sources to meet their knowledge needs.

Our Curriculum

Our program's curriculum focuses on promoting a reading culture and project based learning that incorporates the Indiana State Standards as well as the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner. AASL Standards

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