Nutrition Notes from Food Services

WCS Food Services prepares anywhere from 6500-7500 meals daily, depending on the menu. With the new regulations it's very different than it was five years ago when we would order 45 cases of french fries for one week just at the high school alone. Now, we order an abundance of fresh produce that is prepared daily in all of the kitchens. Students also have access to more food on their tray with both breakfast and lunch. Breakfast now includes two fruits as opposed to one and lunch offers no less than two vegetables for a student to choose from. High school students also get an additional fruit choice for lunch as well as larger portions of many entrees.

By serving student tested meals we provide each child access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet their health and nutrition needs while meeting the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Breaking it down a little further, students consume over 81,000 gallons of milk each school year (68% is chocolate), approximately 100,000 slices of pizza and over 1,225,000 pounds of fresh produce will be delivered and prepped each school year for our students.

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