Submitted by Lisa Secrist

Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions to keep them? You start off by making a list of changes you’d like to make such as eating healthier…exercising everyday… saving more money…etc., etc. Then the new year starts off and you find yourself keeping the resolutions…. for a while. Then life gets busier and it is too hard to keep all of those resolutions. You feel the frustrated and so you look at your list again and realize that you did not think this through. How you can make all those changes in the reality of all of life’s demands. The list just seems too overwhelming now and you tell yourself you just cannot do this anymore. The enthusiasm you had only weeks ago is now gone and you think there has to be an easier way to do this.
Here is a simple approach for keeping those New Year’s resolutions:
• Set one easy goal that you can easily achieve within a month’s time.
• Set another goal to build on the success of meeting the previous goal.
• Keep the goals simple and easy to achieve.
For example, you may have a resolution to get healthier this year. Set one goal that will help you achieve that by the end of the year. Perhaps your first goal could be to increase your daily water intake by 2 more glasses/day or walking around the block 3 times a week after work. When you are doing that consistently and it is now part of your daily/weekly routine, add another goal. Perhaps the next goal could be to eat two fruits a day or to walk around the block 4 times a week. Keep adding one new goal to build on the success of the previous goal.
Making the goals simple and easy to achieve, you will soon find yourself getting healthier and happy that you can meet your goal toward a healthier you. YOU CAN DO IT!

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