Keeping Children Safe From Ticks

submitted by Rachelle Himes

It's hard to imagine after such a long winter that Spring is finally here. Our kids are outside exploring and with that comes the risk of tick bites.

Ticks can live in the tall grass, bushes, leaf piles and woods. Merely brushing by a bush with a tick on it can allow it to hitch a ride on your child's pant leg.

You can protect your children from tick bites and tick-borne disease by having them wear long sleeves and long pants when playing in the woods. Wear a repellant with at least 20% DEET

When your children come back in from playing outside be sure to check for ticks under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs, around the waist, and especially in their hair. Ticks like to hide in the warm , dark areas.

If you see a tick, don't panic. Simply remove the tick with tweezers, squeezing it as close to the skin as possible and pulling upward with steady even pressure. Avoid using old folklore remedies such as salt, nail polish or gasoline. Removing the tick as soon as it is discovered is best. Be sure to wash the area as soon as the tick is removed.

Monitor for symptoms. Watch for a rash or fever up to several weeks after a bite. If a rash or a fever develop seek medical attention. Be sure to let the doctor know about the bite, when it occured and where the tick was acquired.

For more information on ticks visit the CDC website.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and be Tick Savvy.

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