December: Handwashing Awareness – spread the word not the germs!

Handwashing is the BEST way to prevent the spread of infection!
Please share with ALL your family, friends, classmates, and co-workers to help them stay healthier one handwash at a time. 

Direct contamination of your mucus membranes (eyes, nose, and mouth) is how infectious germs enter your body. Following the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness will virtually eliminate your chances of getting sick.  

4 Principles of Hand Awareness
1. WASH your hands when they are dirty and BEFORE eating.
2. DO NOT cough into your hands.
3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands.
4. Above all, DO NOT put your fingers into your eyes, nose, or mouth!

Henry the Hand’s Handwashing Guide
1. Wet hands
2. Soap up – use soap and warm water
3. Scrub up – wash between fingers, wrists, under fingernails, and backs of hands
4. Rinse off
5. Towel dry – REMEMBER to turn off the water using a PAPER TOWEL instead of your hands (so you don’t contaminate your clean hand by touching a dirty faucet)


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