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Jefferson Students "Give Big" With a Purpose

Mrs. Simcoe's 5th grade class, along with the Jefferson Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams and cheerleaders, surprised and blessed Mrs. Andrew (1st grade teacher) on Friday, December 19th, 2014, with $5000+ toward her family's ongoing adoption efforts, which are focused on getting the Andrews' two Haitian children, Ben and Lucy, home to Indiana. The students voluntarily collected donations, as well as pledges for free throws, along with receiving a matching gift of $1500 from an anonymous donor. The children themselves raised $3800 in one week!

All who witnessed the event were humbled to see Jefferson students living WCS’s mission of “enriching the lives of others,” especially at Christmastime, when so much of a child’s focus can be on “gift-receiving.” The students were genuinely excited to help the Andrew family in this tangible way.

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Jefferson Second Grade Classes Collect for Combined Community Services

Jefferson’s 2nd grade classes saw a need for “warmth” in our community and decided to hold a drive to collect mittens/gloves, scarves, hats, and pajamas during the month of December. Students gathered approximately 100 items for Combined Community Services, who in turn will enrich the lives of those in our community who need an extra boost to stay cozy during the winter cold.
Pictured are Jefferson’s 2nd grade classes with their teachers—Mrs. DeMuth, Mrs. Hotchkin, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Williamson—and Mr. Carter, principal (center).


We Appreciate You, Mrs. Susan Eberhardt!

Warsaw Community Schools is filled with staff members who love enriching the lives of others by serving students and their families. Below is an example of one such staff member:

"I remember when I first met Mrs. Eberhardt. It was a regular school day in August, and I was in 6th period, which was Developmental Reading. Our teacher had us go down to the library to check out books. When I approached the checkout counter, I checked out my books and Mrs. Eberhardt asked what my name was. I told her my name, and I guess that was how I met her!

I started helping out at the library about a week later, when I saw my friend working the checkout desk. "How are you working the checkout counter?" I asked. She said, "All you have to do is ask her and she'll let you do it."

Since then, I have worked at the library. I have done everything from checking in and out books, shelving books, and even running the cash register at the Book Fair! I love working at the library because it is so fun, and I get to see Mrs. Eberhardt, too! I want to thank her for being such a great librarian. When I go to the library, my day always gets better!"

This story of appreciation was submitted by Edgewood Middle School 8th Grade student, Kurt Benedict. Do you have a story to tell to show your appreciation for a WCS employee? Click here to share!


Grace Holds Sportsmanship Summit for Northern Lakes Conference

WINONA LAKE, Ind. – Grace College and Director of Athletics Chad Briscoe welcomed student-athletes from the high schools of the Northern Lakes Conference for a Sportsmanship Summit on Tuesday.
Ten student-athletes from eight NLC schools attended the conference, which was designed to educate student-athletes about sportsmanship and character training in athletics.
"We are pleased to be a part of building character at the high-school level through the Sportsmanship Summit," Briscoe said. "We hope it served as a great opportunity to educate and reinforce character education and to help promote the importance of sportsmanship for each student-athlete."
Students from Concord, Elkhart Memorial, Goshen, Northridge, NorthWood, Plymouth, Warsaw and Wawasee high schools spent the day together working in groups to discuss and challenge one another in sportsmanship and character-building opportunities in the athletic realm. The students worked in team-initiative opportunities to build camaraderie among the schools in the conference.
“The schools in the NLC are really supportive of one another. Sometimes that gets lost in the heat of competition on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Warsaw athletic director Dave Anson. “Efforts like this truly help our student-athletes and leaders continue emphasizing the important and lasting messages that athletics can send. Thank you to Grace for helping us as a conference meet the need for character emphasis in our schools and communities.”
The Sportsmanship Summit featured sessions from IHSAA Assistant Commissioner Sandy Searcy, Grace College Vice President Jim Swanson and Briscoe.
Warsaw sophomore Page Desenberg commented: “In our society, there is a lot of attitude and ego that’s all about me, me, me. Today helped bring to light the importance of decision-making and how we can have a big impact on kids looking up to us.”
Wawasee sophomore Stephen Possell added: “We were reminded today that sportsmanship is a goal that each team should have. The positive attitude and feedback student-athletes can bring to our schools can make a difference.”


Jefferson Spelling Bee

A whopping 68 5th and 6th grade students participated in this year’s Jefferson Spelling Bee, held on Tuesday, December 16, 2015. In the end, 6th grader Kaleb Harter emerged as the champ in the 6th round, spelling the winning words lozenge and churros. The runner-up was 5th grader Ali Sutter. The event was emceed by Miss Elizabeth Weiser.
Kaleb will participate in the county-wide Spelling Bee later this winter. Watch for details!
Congratulations to both Kaleb and Ali and to all who had the courage to participate. We are proud of each and every one!

(Pictured are Kaleb Harter, Miss Weiser, and Ali Sutter.)



Eisenhower 4th Graders Explore a Cow’s Eye

Eisenhower 4th grade students were given a special opportunity to explore the different ways the eye works as they participated in eye dissections guided by an expert in the field, Dr. Rozsa, a research scientist from the University of Michigan. Throughout the presentation, students had the opportunity to get their gloves dirty. At first, the students were a little nervous and uncomfortable, but as they got used to working with the eyeball, more and more students became intrigued by it. By the end, even the students who vowed not to touch it, ended up getting their hands dirty. When the students first received their cow’s eye, it was covered in fatty tissue that had to be removed. Later, Dr. Rozsa came around with a scalpel to open up the eye so the students could explore inside. The students discarded the aqueous liquid/gel from the eye and were then able to remove the cornea and look through it. Dr. Rozsa had the students find the shiny layer in the back of the cow’s eye called the “tapetum” - which allows cows to see at night. By far the students’ favorite part of the eye was the lens. They discovered that they could remove it, put it on a piece of paper and use it as a magnifying glass. It was truly a “STEMulating” experience for all of them!

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